La Casa de La Madre


The future belongs to storytellers

To place full storytelling potential in your business’ favor, you need a solid partner. In 6 years, we have helped the world's top brands put their stories at the top, winning not only international awards, but, mainly, the loyalty of an audience delighted by the content we create and produce.

For your brand

Our projects take in to consideration, first and foremost, an analysis of the current scenario, and then the formulation of storytelling strategies. This is done in order to guide your team and marketing, press advisory and advertising agency, in an integrated and powerful narrative speech, creating a strong emotional bond with the audience. We create and implement an autonomous storytelling core for original content production.

For your company

We will apply storytelling tools to bring each department to its full potential. For this, we will develop team building training, making each employee a storyteller, aiming for sales effectiveness, business generation, departmental integration, and profit increase.

Education Institutions

We offer training, lectures and workshops, for students and teachers in higher education.