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We are a Brazilian film production company specializing in storytelling. Whether it's through branded content movies, 30-second commercials, documentaries, short films, series or feature films, we create stories that speak to the heart and soul of the audience.


We believe stories can change the world and are the most powerful tool for conveying a message. Our films are not meant for one specific target or consumer profile, but for people, individuals endowed with psychological, cultural, and emotional characteristics, that which makes them unique.

What is our story

La Casa de la Madre was born in 2012, when the creative duo André Castilho and Jorge Brivilati, left their day jobs at an advertising agency, to invest in their own project, bringing the narrative and aesthetic language of cinema, to advertising films. In a short time, the production company would gain international recognition and become a reference in branded content, with some of the most highly acclaimed cases in the Brazilian market. Today, the company has diversified its look, creating fictional content, art and documentaries.

Our Clients

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Como criar campanha para o Dia das Mães

Criar campanha para o Dia das Mães é sempre um desafio criativo, e também a oportunidade de tocar o coração da audiência, que está mais aberto nesta data do ano.